Vacation Bible School (VBS)

Vacation Bible School (VBS) is an outreach  ministry that Trinity provides to educate children in grade school about God. Every summer, we operate a week-long program that uses a religious curriculum to teach children about God and the Word of God with Bible lessons and related teachings.

Why should kids attend Vacation Bible School? VBS is the best way to get kids involved in church, while giving parents the opportunity to meet the people within the church too. VBS is always presented in a casual, friendly way, and membership in the church is not required for children to participate. Here are some other great reasons why kids should attend VBS:

Every year, our Education Team reviews and selects an appropriate curriculum that they can creatively adapt to God’s Word. This year, Trinity’s VBS will use the Roar VBS curriculum. Click here to read more and to sign your child up today!

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