Jan 19, Pastor Todd
Sermon Title: Jesus Take the Wheel
Synopsis: Does Jesus really care if I get a good parking spot or not? How can God care for me and the entire universe at the same time? Is there a difference between sacred things and secular things?
Matthew 6:25-34

Jan 26, Pastor Todd
Sermon Title: What happens when I die?
Synopsis: What will heaven look like? What will heaven be like? Will we see God and Jesus there? We have many questions about the end of life and what heaven will be like. Today we explore what the Bible says about heaven
Scripture: Luke 23:39-43

Feb 2, Pastor Todd
Title: Should Christians be inclusive?
Synopsis: How can a Christian really love everybody? How do we deal with changes in society and people who have different attitudes (especially about divorce, women preaching, homosexuality, etc)?
1 John 4:7-21

Feb 9, Beth Fogel-Miller, preaching and celebrating at the Table.
Scout Sunday. Invite Scouts to attend worship. Troop to present the colors and lead us in the pledge after the Welcome and Announcements.
Get title and scripture from Beth.
Theme: Creationism vs. Science? Are they exclusive or is it both/and?

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