Our beloved and talented organist/keyboardist, Larry Graham, passed away at home on March 17th. He will be greatly missed… Here are the words of our Worship and Music Director, Conya Hartman, who knew him best and said it best…

I am heavily grieving the loss of Larry. Words can’t begin express my deep sadness. I keep wanting to text him as we usually communicated, and when I came to the church I choked up looking at the piano and organ and thinking I would not see him playing again. He blessed us for a little over 5 years, and considered us his family.

Fern [Larry’s mother] loved us equally, and I know our church impacted both of their lives. They felt loved and a part of our church family. I share all this since I can’t see you in person to grieve together and hug one another. He and I had texted the night he got out of the hospital. He let me know he was released, and had gotten dinner. I am grateful that he did get to go home before he passed. He got to see his pets, and that was a blessing for him.

I doubt I will ever know again the kind of musician that he was. There are those of us who love music, who train in music, who share music, who perform music, but Larry, I would describe, WAS music. He also could relate to anyone, cared about everyone, and never made anyone feel that their talents or abilities were not good enough. He never acted like his talents were anything special, and almost seemed embarrassed if he received praise. He was a true humble spirit, and he was a good friend.

Thank you for allowing me to share about him in this time of grief. ~ Conya Hartman

Here are more words from Bob Sollien, one of our talented choir members and local celebrity:

In a way I am glad Larry had a bad heart. If not for his heart, he may yet still be driving a big rig across endless miles with his true talent lying hidden and dormant. If not for his bad heart he may not have been home to help his mom, maybe would have put her in a nursing home. Instead she got to have her son close by for the last years of her life. And of course if not for his bad heart we would not have known or shared his incredible talent and his wonderful friendship and fellowship at our church. He was poet on the keyboard, an orchestra, a marching band, a rock group or even just a solo singer/pianist in quiet dark corner of lounge somewhere. Maybe he had a bad heart but he had the most wonderful soul of anyone I’ve ever known.

We are happy to have vidoe recorded many worship services on our Facebook  page and YouTube channel. Click HERE to learn how to access those sites and to watch and listen to some of the beautiful music that Larry made during his years at Trinity.

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