Our Mission and Vision for the Future


Trinity’s Leadership recently met for a half-day planning session to work on creating mission, vision and values statements that set in motion a clear path to the future. We affirmed that a mission statement is who we believe God has called us to be. A vision statement is how we dream that the world would be different if we lived out our mission. A strategy is how we plan to accomplish God’s mission for us, and what we value defines the things for us that are non-negotiable moving forward.

The overarching themes that emerged from the process led the group (of 40) to these results:

Our Mission Statement: We are disciples creating disciples
through the transforming love of Jesus

Our Vision Statement: Multiply disciples and groups everywhere

Our Strategy: Train, empower, and send laity to make disciples

Our Values: A Passion for Jesus, Love for One Another,
All Humans Have Sacred Worth, Practice Spiritual Disciplines,
and Seek Diversity in All Ways

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