Online Giving


Yes, cash and checks are always welcomed most everywhere – including church. But for convenience, many individuals are now going “cash free” and opting to use a debit or credit card to make charitable contributions. Well the same is true for Trinity.

We are encouraging members and friends to use our safe online giving site to make either a one-time or recurring donation. Our online e-giving site is secure through a company call Vanco. When you click on this GIVING LINK you are taken to our proprietary page which is monitored by Vanco. As with similar online banking applications, you can choose to have your contribution taken from your bank checking or savings account, debit or credit card. You can also specify whether you would like your contribution to go to our general operating fund or several “restricted” funds.

Directions to using our website link

Once on our secure site, you will be asked to set up your profile which is simply a username and password with email address, after which you will provide account information and have the option of setting up recurring weekly or monthly donations. You can make changes to contribution amounts and dates, as well as opt out of this service, at any time. We do not share this information with anyone, so no marketing person will contact you and you will not receive any promotional materials. You will receive an email confirmation noting that your profile was successfully created and contribution received.

Directions using the GivePlus+ app

Another way to give electronically to Trinity is to use our GivePlus+ app (provided to us from Vanco). With so many members using their smart phones these days and are familiar with downloading apps, GivePlus+ is for you! You can find the free app in both Google and Apple stores using your phone. Simply search using key words “Give Plus”. The application program should pop up first. To be sure, the logo will look like the one above. Download the app then follow the directions to search for Trinity’s page and to set up your profile.

Need assistance? Call the church office at 386-734-4425.

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