Ministry Fair set for Sunday, October 15

YES, we are having a Ministry Fair! You might be asking, “What is a ministry fair?” Thank you for asking; that’s a very good question. A ministry fair allows the church to highlight the various ministries that we are involved in, such as mission outreach, evangelism, finance, trustees, children and youth, just to mention a few. We will be using visuals as well as showcasing our church leadership. This is an opportunity for us to ask questions such as, “Who is in charge of…or how can I get involved or sign up for…?” Another good question might be, what is required of me?

Laity Sunday is October 15 and the Ministry Fair will give us the ability to highlight the ministry of lay persons. Both worship and the ministry fair will be in the Fellowship Hall. Both of our worship services will be at their regular scheduled times. This will be an exciting experience of connecting folks in servant ministry for the Lord with the gifts we have been blessed with. Have you ever wanted to get “plugged in” but wasn’t sure how to do that? October 15th is a day set aside especially for you. Hope to see you there!

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