Join us on Social Media


Love engaging with others on social media? Trinity UMC is there too! Here are the many applications that we are using:

Facebook – Trinity has both a public page and a private group. Our public page posts let the world know about what is happening at Trinity, including e-vites to events, daily inspirational messages, weekly posts of our 11 am traditional services, live streaming of our 8:30 am contemporary service, special posts by members, monthly postings of our newsletter, and more. Our private group is for members only and offers information of importance, plus inspirational messages posted by members. Feel free to follow us by clicking the Like button, comment on those things that speak to your heart or funny bone, and “share” things that you know your own Facebook friends would like to see. To join the private group, send a request to the admin.

YouTube – Trinity has its own channel on YouTube where “subscribers” can watch videos of past worship services, special music concerts, other special events, and creative wacky videos submitted by our staff of fun events at church. Subscribe today! Currently, we are up to 55 subscribers but need at least 100 to use YouTube Live for streaming. Please help us to achieve our goal of 100+ subscribers! Follow these simple directions to subscribe:

If you are not a YouTube subscriber, you must first subscribe to that service. Visit to start. It’s free. Once you are a user, look for the search bar and cut-paste-enter the following address or use this link: UC5EqJ_o6MqeFOMnlNEzdmVQ (Yes, it’s quite long and complicated. Again, once we get 100 subscribers, we will be able to secure a simple, shorter username!) Now you should see a picture of Trinity, which means you have landed on our channel. Look to the right for the “Subscribe” button and click on it to join!

Already subscribe to YouTube but not our channel? Click on this LINK to go straight there and subscribe so you can watch our worship services and other videos of interest. I’ll keep you posted every month to let you know how many subscribers we have and when we have reached our goal of 100!

Twitter – For those that like a lighter way to tap into current events at Trinity, join us on Twitter. There we post our monthly newsletter and e-blasts about special coming events.

Instagram – The best way to show off what is happening at Trinity has become Instagram, a photo and video-sharing social networking site. Have a great photo to share of activities at Trinity? Send to and we will post ASAP. Want to view our site? Click on the Instagram link or icon to get started!

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