Q: What is the significance of baptism?

A: Baptism is a sacrament in which God uses a common element – water – to signify divine grace. Baptism is administered by the church as the Body of Christ. It is the act of God through the grace of Jesus Christ and the work of the Holy Spirit. Baptism is required to join the United Methodist Church. If you have been baptized in another Christian denomination, that baptism is acceptable; there is no need to be re-baptized.

Q: What are the expectations of members?

United Methodists promise to support the church by their prayers, their presence, their gifts, their service and their witness. To learn more, about what this means, we suggest that anyone interested in joining attend a six-week “New Member Class” (also known as United Methodist 101) to learn about our denomination and the expectations mentioned above.

Q: I have been a United Methodist for many years. Why should I participate in a New Member Class?

 We want everyone who joins Trinity to know who we are as a congregation, how we express our mission and vision, and how we understand what God is calling us to do. It also gives you an opportunity to meet some of the leaders of the church and other new members.