Easy Ways to Give to Trinity


“All must give as they are able, according to the blessings given to them by the Lord your God.” ~Deuteronomy 16:17

Cash and checks are always welcomed most everywhere – including church. But for convenience, many individuals are now going “cash free” and opting to use a debit or credit card to make charitable contributions. For this reason, we have come up with not one but four different ways to give to Trinity! Here they are:

  1. Cash and checks. Yes, cash and checks are still being accepted. The safest way to ensure your gift arrives is to place it in the offering plate at church or mail it in to the office. To designate your gift, write the purpose or name of a fund in the memo line of your check or on a separate piece of paper. To have an accurate record of any cash gifts that you want credited to your account, put the money in a sealed envelope with written directions on how the gift is to be used. (Note, we do not encourage cash gifts be sent in the mail.)
  2. On our website. If you look on the front “home” page of our website, you will find a purple-colored button that says “Give Today!” Click on that button to go to our secure Giving Page and follow the instructions on how to set up an online profile. Once you do this, you will simply login with your email address and password everytime you wish to make a gift. You also can set up a system of recurring gifts that will be automatically made on a regular basis – say monthly. You pick the amount you want to give each period and the date to complete the request. Your donation schedule is then recorded in our new Realm database. You can also specify whether you would like your contribution to go to our general operating fund and/or one of several “restricted” funds.
  3. Using our new Realm Connect app. Using your smart phone or tablet, you can search for Realm Connect in your favorite app store. (Look for the logo, as shown above.) Once you download the app, search for TrinityDeLand. With Realm’s online giving, you can make a one-time or set up recurring gifts using debit cards, credit cards, or eChecks (ACH). All gifts made online will immediately show up in the individual’s giving history, along with any other online, text, or off-line contributions.
  4. Make a gift via text messaging. Perfect for visitors and friends that want to make a quick gift, we now accept gifts made via text. (Note, the phone or tablet being used must already have credit/debit or ACH banking information stored into the device.) The donor simply goes into their text messaging program and texts TrinityDeLand to 73256. A message with a link will pop up instructing the donor to click on the link to complete your gift to Trinity.

Although many Trinity members still write checks and many do not use computers and technology, we are encouraging members and friends to consider using our new online methods of giving. Why?

Now, imagine it this way:

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