Child Protection Policies

Since 1996, the General Conference of the United Methodist Church has required that each local church congregation have a child/youth protection policy (CYPP). The Florida Conference has been a pioneering force in implementing this mandate and establishing a template for local church use that would highlight our core value of safety and security; acknowledging that all people, especially children, are important to God.

A central tenet of the Christian faith is the inherent value and worth of all children, youth, and adults. Children and youth are least able to protect themselves in our society and are particularly vulnerable to abuse and neglect. Trinity United Methodist Church is desirous of doing what it can to protect the youth and children who participate in the life of this congregation. We believe implementing a policy and adopting procedures to protect our children recognizes that: Our Christian faith calls us to offer both hospitality and protection to all children.

The Social Principles of the United Methodist Church states that “children must be protected from economic, physical and sexual exploitation and abuse.” Tragically, churches have not always been safe places for children. Child sexual abuse, and exploitation occur in churches, both, large and small, urban and rural. The problem cuts across all economic, cultural and racial lines…

For that reason, Trinity has adopted the Conference’s CYPP Policy and ensures all adults (paid or volunteer) that work with or around children have been properly trained and undergone appropriate background checks (according to their level of contact) before engaging with children. Adherance to this policy also ensures that said adults are retrained on an annual basis and sign-off on the policy attesting to this fact. To view a copy of the Florida UM Conference CYPP Policy, click HERE.

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