Back to Church Sunday


Much like school, many people take a break from church. It might be during summer when they go out on vacation, or it may be an extended break of years! Perhaps there is someone that has never been. Just like there is a “Back to School” day, Trinity is also celebrating “Back to Church!” day!

“Back to Church Sunday” is a nation-wide event where congregations invite their friends, neighbors, family, co-workers, strangers, etc… to church! This year’s Back to Church Sunday is on September 15!

On the Sunday, September 1st, members and friends of Trinity will be given a card to write the name of a person that hasn’t been to church for awhile, or someone they know who doesn’t go to church. They will be asked to focus on praying for that person for the following week, then asking them to join you on September 15! The invitee is to be told that Trinity is an off-the-scale friendly place where they can sense a feeling of belonging, in spite of where they have been; it’s a place where they can experience God’s love in their life.

Let’s share the Good News! Invite someone to church on September 15th and we’ll ensure that they feel welcomed into a warm, engaging, non-threatening atmospere of where God’s love abounds! For more information, on this special Sunday, contact Pastor Todd Bardin at or call the church office at 386-734-4425.

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