Knowing Your Spiritual Gifts

Spiritual Gifts

As Christians, we are all called to serve, and each of us has a unique set of spiritual gifts that God has given us for this purpose. At Trinity, we have created both small and large group opportunities designed to engage and involve every individual who wants to serve our Lord. Before doing so, however, we encourage our members and friends to assess their personal habits, likes, dislikes, interests and leanings by taking a Spiritual Gifts assessment. The United Methodist Church offers this tool for free. Visit their website by clicking on this LINK. Once you have completed the assessment, please turn in to our Church Office so we can update your profile in our database. That way, our team leaders will know your strengths and those areas of ministry in which you are most interested! Click HERE to preview a list of the many different “offerings” (areas of ministry) we have at Trinity to decide which one appeals to you. Then take action and let our pastors and lay leaders know where you would like to share your gifts and graces. For more information, contact Pastor Todd at or Rob Miller, Witness Coordinator by using our Contact Form.

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