Witness Ministries: Calling others to Christ’s love

  • Our Evangelism Team is looking for a few good-hearted men and women to join them as they witness God's love to the clients of our Faith Partners' Ministry.


Alpha is a gentle introduction to the Christian faith for non-believers or those who are still seeking something more in their lives. Trinity promotes and runs Alpha courses at various times during the year. The ten-week course is designed around a series of ten questions, such as Who is Jesus? Why did He die? How can I have faith? Why should I pray? And how do I pray? 

The purpose of the class is to explore issues of faith and help people think through their views and come to their own conclusions about what they believe. Each gathering starts off with a casual dinner. The facilitator will share the topic in the form of a question with the class, asking them to think about their responses while watching a video. After viewing, the facilitator will encourage an open discussion on the topic where all questions and points of view are welcomed. Here is the Alpha introductory video, featuring TV adventurer, Bear Grylls, who is a born-again Christian and avid spokesperson for Alpha.

Christians, who have introduced friends and family members to Alpha attended the course grow in their confidence in sharing their own faith and testimony with friends and family. Attendance is free and the public is invited to attend any Alpha session, held weekly.

If you are interested in knowing more about the Alpha course, visit alpha.org and contact Mark Jackson, Evangelism Team chair. You also can call the Church Office at (386) 734-4425 to find out when the next course is scheduled.


Prayer Warriors

Trinity’s Evangelism and Prayer Team members make the most of their service to clients of the Faith Partners Ministry of DeLand program (follow this link to learn more.) Every 3rd and 4th Thursday, between 9:30 a.m. and noon, as our guests enter seeking food, money for prescriptions and other essentials, it is obvious that they not only have physical needs but also spiritual needs. Our goal is to reach out and offer them “a drink of water” in Christ’s name. Many simply need a listening ear, a prayer, a word of encouragement or some literature, as well as assistance. Some guests just come for the prayer, and God has met powerfully with those in need of physical or emotional healing.

The Faith Partners Ministry, along with our monthly Breakfast at Trinity, is a great opportunity to share faith and fellowship through prayer. All prayer requests are written down during worship services then our Prayer Warriors will pray for and with each guest. Requests (if approval is granted) are then disseminated to all members of the church’s Email Prayer Team the next day, so that multiple intercessory prayers are made on behalf of each request.

If you need prayer, why don’t you join us at any one of these activities or following every worship service at the altar rail? And, if you would like more information on the Christian faith, we have a small booklet we would like to give you titled “Why on Earth Would I Want to be a Christian?” The writer/publisher have made this booklet available online, so it can be downloaded at http://www.whyonearth.org. If needed, you can order copies in bulk to give away to your friends and family. They also offer free copies to prisoners and underserved groups, as well.

Fresh Expressions 

The Florida Conference of the United Methodist Church (governing body of our church) has encouraged both laity and clergy to explore and initiate new (fresh) ways (expressions) to worship our Lord that will engage and attract different target populations. With Trinity about to break ground on our property, located at 1290 W. Plymouth Avenue, we are looking at innovative ways to “do church” outside the walls of our Sanctuary. What do you think about this? What new ideas do you have for taking our church out into the neighborhoods around the property? Send your ideas and suggestions to Pastor Brian at bacarro072890@att.net and Matt Harrell, the Florida Conference Fresh Expressions Coordinator, at freshexpressions@flumc.org.

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