Just hanging out…

I saw a Peanuts cartoon today that captured Charlie Brown and Linus in deep conversation about the day and life of a pastor. Apparently, pastors work just one morning a week and get to “hang out” the rest of the week! That is so funny! I love being a pastor because good ol’ Charlie Brown was right. Pastors just hang out most of the time.

This week started with me “hanging out” with Joleen all day, Monday, because it was Labor Day and we tried to refrain from any kind of labor. On Tuesday, I got to hang out with some awesome retired pastors over breakfast and later in the day I got to hang out again with some Trinity leaders discussing the progress of our new church building. Yesterday, I had fun hanging out with folks at the “PODS”. Ok, that needs some explanation: We have two collection pods in the parking lot taking on “stuff” for the church yard sale next month, more commonly called Fall Festival, which will be another opportunity to hang out, get stuff and eat food—can’t wait!

Before and after the PODS hang out, I got to hang out with POV folks…ok more explaining: POV is learning how to have empathetic conversations on hot topic subjects, such as the LGBTQi issue, and sharing our “point of view.” It was awesome to hang with over 50 people in the morning and almost 30 in the evening session. Of course, one cannot hang out without good food! The blessing of hanging out is FOOD!

This morning, over breakfast, I got to hang out with some friends talking about a new Fresh Expression ministry called “Dinner Church.” For most of the day, however, I got to hang out with folks via email and letters. This afternoon I got to hang out with some old friends, Leonard Sweet, Tom Kraeuter, and Albert Outler via their respective books, followed by Peter, Paul and Timothy from Bible fame. They shared some really good thoughts with me.

Finally, tonight, I get to hang out with some more Trinity friends. We plan to have some snacks and talk about how much it might cost to build our new church with a friend from the Florida United Methodist Foundation.

Well, as you can see, Charlie Brown is right – all pastors do is work one day a week and hang out the rest of the week. I’m simply amazed that more folks don’t want to be preachers. We have the best “hanging out” job in the world, but we also tend to eat too much. Tomorrow I will start the day at the Y and then go “hang out” some more.

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