1 Cor 13:12 – Looking In a Mirror, Dimly (7/25/2017)

Our weekly devotional comes from Paul’s message to the church in Corinth. We generally refer to this larger text as coming from the “love chapter” of the Bible, however the people’s behavior was anything but lovely and Paul was using this opportunity to teach them about love.

Suffice it to say, I’m taking this passage out of context. The week the children who attended our music and drama camp spent time with images and mirrors and I thought this would be a great stepping off point for our weekly conversations.

In this passage, Paul illustrates a two-dimensional image that lacks depth of our three-dimensional self. I don’t know about you, but I’ve noticed that my sight is not what it used to be and, as I look in the mirror in the morning, I must use more light and be much closer to the mirror. Even as I do this, often I’m disappointed. Not because I’m no longer youthful, or that my brown hair has been infiltrated by the enemy called “gray.” I’m disappointed because it is harder to see the image.

There has been much research on three-dimensional printing and there’s even 3D printers available to consumers. Why can they not produce a 3D mirror? Hmmm. Brings me back to Paul’s words for today. Of course, he is referring to our inability to see/understand heaven clearly in this life. We spend a lot of time talking about heaven. We try to visualize what heaven will be like but, since we have not visited heaven yet, we simply cannot fully visualize what heaven will be like. We are left to ponder…

Reminds me of a story. A man went to see his doctor about an illness. When hearing his prognosis, he questioned what it would be like. The doctor open a door to another room and let his dog come into the examination room. The dog was very happy to see his master and had been waiting by the door. The doctor told his patient that the dog had never been in the examination room before. He could only envision what it would be like, but since his master was there, it must be a good place. We trust, that although we don’t have all the answers to our questions, and our 2-dimentional vision is limited, the master of our salvation has indeed prepared a wonderful place for us in heaven.

Jesus specifically tells us he has prepared a special place for us in heaven. He also instructs us to simply believe like a child. I believe. What do you believe?

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